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    Thanks for this suggestion. It is indeed a useful idea, but difficult to combine with the remainder of the technology on our site. We rely on automatic transcription of the chords from youtube or other audio, but it is not yet possible to automatically transcribe lyrics. If we want to show lyrics, we should get them from some other source. Hence, I do not think we will support lyrics in the near future. However, youtube features a lot of songs with lyrics. If you chordify these you have your synchronised lyrcis on the side.

    We are actively looking into ways of incorporating lyrics to our player. More info on this soon!

    -Update- 22/02/2018
    Unfortunately we are still working out the legalities around displaying lyrics on our website, as lyrics are copyrighted content. We hope to eventually be able to offer lyrics to our users, but it’s unclear…

    chris commented  · 

    other suggestions: perhaps instead of lyrics, at least having markers indicating the rhythm of the vocals, to help play in time with the song. this feature could be crowdsourced for now. Eventually, some google service will be able to speech-to-text those lyrics, and it will open up new possibilities!

    chris commented  · 

    if only there were an open api to allow someone to hook into your features and perhaps create a third party solution to the lyrics

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