I cannot download my PDF/MIDI file!

Once you've used a pre-paid credit to unlock Chordify Premium, you should always have access to Premium features for that song on any device you own, provided you are logged in. The download dialog will offer you the option to re-download the file for free, instead of proceeding to PayPal for payment

If you are having trouble downloading a PDF or MIDI file, please check the following:

1) Have you received a confirmation of your payment from PayPal?
2) If you have, have you received an email from us, giving you the link where to download your file?
3) If you have the link, and you cannot download the file, then please make sure that you are still logged in.  If you are logged in, your username will appear underneath the Chordify search box in the left-hand side bar. If not, you will see the text "Log in" and you will need to click on the link to do so.

If you are still having trouble getting your files, please contact us, providing the e-mail address associated with your accounted, the PayPal transaction ID and the link of the Chordify page of the song.

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