App store refund

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow for app developers to give out refunds–Apple handles all payment and refund transactions. They do so for a variety of reasons, but it's at their discretion. What you can do to set the refund-process in motion is to get in touch with Apple directly, using the 'report a problem' option on the email receipt, or by following the steps outlined below:

To get a refund for a subscription purchased through Apple's iTunes Store or Mac App Store, you will need to request a refund directly from Apple.
  1. Navigate to;
  2. Use the Apple ID used to purchase the subscription;
  3. Search for "Chordify" and select Report next to your subscription;
  4. Select the appropriate item from the “Choose Problem” dropdown;
  5. In the text box, state that you’d like a refund and explain the reason;
  6. Then click Submit.

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