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Chords and grips side by side view

Come on devs. This is not that hard!
I can even do it live with the chrome dev tools. The step to responsive isn't that hard either.

How to:
I am using google chrome here but this is possible in firefox and ie too.
1: Bring the grips view up by clicking the button
2: Right click on one of the grips or in between. Hit "Inspect". The developer toolbar opens.
3: Look for <div id="gripsArea" [...]. Right click that and hit copy.
4: Look for <div id="chordsWrapper" [...]. Right click and hit paste. You should have two "grips-area" divs below. The second you just pasted.
5: Select the second "grips-area" div.
6. Assign the following key value pairs on the right side panel inside the styles section. Just make sure to insert them under element.style{[...]}.

display: block
width: 500px
height: 500px
position: absolute
top: -300px
left: 500px

You will have to tweak the values to your liking and needs.

Depending on the system it should really be feasible to make it responsive in a day or so. Think premium feature ;)

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  • Ed & Verna-Lee Downey commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Why not leave the Written Chord Patterns in the song alone so that you can practice them before you start the song ? Now you have to run through the whole song to find the Chords that you are not familiar with to practice them . Having the music notes for the Chords does not give you the fingering for the Chords it only makes it harder to figure them out !!! I do not read notes on the guitar I read Tab & chord patterns ? I like the new page setup otherwise but it is similar to Riffstation but not as confusing . Great program though !!!


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