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I don't know if this an idea

I'm a pro player , the concept is great,but when I capo up the stupid box that tells me I'm in the wrong key stays there and won't disappear I don't need that box telling me I'm in the wrong key I know how this app works , so please make that box disappear it is annoying and if I start printing some of these pages it's going to be in my way thanks

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  • AdminChordify (Chordify - Tune into chords!, Chordify) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hello there,

    Regarding your initial post: simply clicking anywhere on the page will make this box disappear.

    Regarding your second post, we're currently working hr on bringing lyrics to Chordify, the initially planned release date was May but unfortunately we hit some more legal hurdles so the release date has been pushed back by at least 2 months :(.

    Thanks for your feedback!

  • John norvell commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A lot of the chords are not right as the music is playing with the chords, it's still very good though, i think it's picking up different instruments , still I'm very pleased with this chordify app, I hope you will continue to build on your idea, I would be willing
    To pay more if you could sync the words up also but this may be copyright infringement, but maybe an idea would be to have lyrics along with a chord light up in red as there over the top of the words ,giving the chordplacement lit up over the word would help lesser skilled players a great deal ..but I do like the boxes u provide also


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